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Ever feel like you are exercising for countless hours ever week without seeing any real benefits? If so, then Curcovia just might be the herbal supplement you have been looking for! As we gain a little extra weight, what we don't realise is that internally, we are creating a vicious cycle that serves to speed up our weight gain and makes removing our excess pounds increasingly difficult. The reason for this is that the body produces an excess of estradiol, a form of the estrogen hormone. This estradiol causes feelings of fatigue and causes the body to react by slowing down its metabolism. However, estrogen can also help us lose weight by limiting the LPL enzyme production that absorbs fat into cells and promotes the HSL enzyme which actually prevents cells from storing fat and expanding in size. So that leaves us with the real question of how a woman can achieve this optimal hormonal balance?


The Perfect Body Chemistry

Many leading research institutions have recently identified Curcuma Comosa (a flowering plant from the ginger family located in south east Asia) as having the ability, when consumed on a daily basis, to actually restore equilibrium to the female body's hormone levels and eliminate those excess levels of estrogen that can cause excess fat retention. The Curcuma Comosa herb is the main ingredient in the 100% natural and free of side effects Curcovia herbal supplement. By taking Curcovia as part of your healthy lifestyle (eating healthily and regular exercise) you can ensure that your natural body chemistry is primed for weight loss and not being held back by any hormonal imbalances. In addition to this, just by controlling your estrogen levels, Curcovia can ensure that your day is not inhibited by fatigue, leaving you free to enjoy your life.


Natural Weight Loss

"I had been going to my local gym after work 4 times a week and trying my best to stick with my healthy diet but after 2 months of this, I still hadn't lost any weight. I couldn't understand why I wasn't losing weight despite my hard work! A friend suggested that I try taking Curcovia daily along with my exercise regime to see if it was perhaps a problem with my hormones preventing me from losing weight. Although not instantaneous, after around 4 weeks I definitely noticed a significant weight loss and after three months I was able to wear some of my favourite outfits that I had completely given up hope of wearing again."

Helen, 41, Chicago

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